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PLY Analytic is a boutique financial engineering firm providing analytical tools to corporate bond investors, traders, risk managers, and credit analysts with real time intelligent data elements and quantitative analytics. Our clients benefit from the timely and cost-effective solutions in their modeling practice and investment decisions.

Cost-effective Technology


Our cloud-based data management and processing technology provides a cost-effective platform for client to automate modeling and data vetting. Our big data driven analytical engine harnesses the power of machine learning to quickly derive valuable information implied from market transactions

Independent Analysis


Our automated, data driven analytical tools are powered by artificial intelligence plowing "big data". It not only drastically reduces costly and error-prone human intervention in handling inundating market information, but also mitigates the "syndrome of subjectivity" and the resulting conflict of interest in credit risk analysis. Analytical objectivity and independency is thus well maintained For example, since our credit rating is derived from perspective of investors rather than requested service of issuers, "rating shopping" is out of the question.

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Market-tested Tools


Based upon widely accepted academic publications and industry standards, all our models have been thoroughly tested against a wide spectrum of market conditions and was implemented with the best practice in IT arena. See our case studies for samples of our practical functionalities and applications. PLY is a turnkey solution for clients who would like to have an efficient analytic and data mining tool (in bond market) that intuitively understandable yet built on solid foundation.

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Who we are

We are a team of financial engineers and web technologist, specialized in quantitative modeling and cloud based data management. We shared the same idea and commitment to helping our clients lower the cost in building quantitive models for risk analysis. Our team members are seasoned modelers and highly experienced developers, with strong sense of balancing new technology and practicality relevant to client's needs. The pre-life of our team members were senior roles in top tier investment banks or guru level expert in e-commerce arena.


Mission Statement

PLY's mission is to level the playing field in risk modeling of corporate bond bridging the capability gap between resource-aboundant and lean market participants. By offering cost-effective solutions in data processing, quantitative module and analytical support to all clients--be it a Goldman like behemoth or a single person financial advisory firm, PLY does its part in improving market efficiency and fairness. Case in point: Our (automated) implied credit rating and spread analytics offer clients a viable cross-reference and second opinion against S&P and Moody's---at a fractional cost .

Our Clients