PLY AnalyticYs.... Your reliable and affordable source for:

Automated market data collection, processing and analysis for corporate bond and equity; Real time risk and relative value(benchmarking) information derived from transaction data; Customized data items for downstream model inputs (calculated with our proprietary algorithm), e.g. liquidity risk measure; Bespoke consulting service on building cloud-based data model and analytical system (including architectural design and optimization).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is PLY a data vendor or a pure analytics tool provider?

PLYprovides both raw market data as well as derived data fields based on our analytical model. The raw data are presented in suchway that it is easy to handle (e.g .filtering, sorting and stratifying); the derived data fields are the outputs of our proprietary quantitative model, which is market-calibrated.

What specific products can PLY provide as of now?

Currently, our main product is Bond Analytics. For practitioners in equity and option area, PLY is also providing clients with Implied Volatility data (Vol surface) at a cost than any competitors.PLY will roll out Equity & Option Investment Advisory tool in the second half of 2014.

What exactly can PLY bond analytics do?

With this tool, you can get well formatted and practical information relevant to bond valuation, capital structure arbitrage (i.e cross market speculation) and risk analytics : Implied yield and rating, Relative value (benchmark) compared to peer group and sector. PLY also provide all sorts of intermediate results for client to use as reliable inputs to their own models.

What are the advantages in using PLY analytics vssimilar tool available in the market ?

Our main advantage is that we generate and present the information such that client can get the full spectrum of analysis in one package without having to search all around and without being inundated with unnecessary data debris. Some of the data fields provided are unique and valuable but not readily availablesomewhere else. For example, our yield decomposition (into credit risk premium and liquidity) capability enable client to differential the two major components that constitute. There is nocomparable products in the market so far. Finally, due to our unique capability to garner both public available and proprietary data source and thanks to our cloud technology, we are able to provide these analytical data fields with highly competitive price than the market.

Is PLY a free website?

Some of the data fields can be accessible free of charge(See list in the Data Road Map) while more advanced analytical data fields will be provided to Premium Users for a highly competitive fee on monthly basis or on one time basis for non-subscribers.

Were the theoretical foundationbehind the PLY Models sound?

PLY currently only implement well-recognized and published model and methods developed by reputed scholars and industry experts. We made no unwarranted shortcuts and approximation. Our necessary customization and bespoke implementation were well tested and consulted with established professionals in the industry.

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