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Automated market data collection, processing and analysis for corporate bond and equity; Real time risk and relative value(benchmarking) information derived from transaction data; Customized data items for downstream model inputs (calculated with our proprietary algorithm), e.g. liquidity risk measure; Bespoke consulting service on building cloud-based data model and analytical system (including architectural design and optimization).

Line of Products:


This is a single bond analytical tool, whereas you can get a panoramic examination and visual representation of a particular bond you are interested (queried according to your criteria) for the purpose of valuation, risk assessment and arbitrage. Functionality highlights::

Yield Decomposition (into optionality premium, liquidity and credit components);

Implied rating/spread derived from i) equity market ii) balance sheet and iii) CDS-Bond basis;

Valuation with benchmarking (via a coterie of comparable and potentially arbitragible bonds).


We believe the following information are is highly valuable for making equity investment after the latest most recent earnings report . Surprisingly, these data are not handily provided in an organized way

Earnings Surprise Information

Market Reaction to Earnings report

Factors that could explain the above reaction (e.g. changes in profit margins change )
Peer valuation comparison information ( (e.g. CAPE (cyclical adjusted PE) and Enterprise Value/Cash flow) , compared to its competitive peers)

With these information , aided by appropriate statistical tools, clients can answer many decision making questions, such as :

Given the latest market reaction to the earnings and other information, what is the probability that the investment under consideration will beat the general market if I invest it today?

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