PLY AnalyticYs.... Your reliable and affordable source for:

Automated market data collection, processing and analysis for corporate bond and equity; Real time risk and relative value(benchmarking) information derived from transaction data; Customized data items for downstream model inputs (calculated with our proprietary algorithm), e.g. liquidity risk measure; Bespoke consulting service on building cloud-based data model and analytical system (including architectural design and optimization).


PLY offers technical support, web data collection, and analytical reports for investment firms. For example, we help clients collect relevant data items from the web and convert these into useful and actionable formats amenable to sophisticated statistical analysis using SAS or R. We provide algorithms and coding support in developing such data and analytical systems.

Derived Data Element, PLY collects, derives and delivers valuable data fields for both bond and equity investors

Standard Data product, a range of useful data fields we generate for all investors Customized Data product, a set of tailor-made data fields on request from client

Analysis and Reporting

Standard analytical reports on risk & valuations of traded securities or alternative investments

Customized Intelligence report on particular firms, industries and emerging markets

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