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Automated market data collection, processing and analysis for corporate bond and equity; Real time risk and relative value(benchmarking) information derived from transaction data; Customized data items for downstream model inputs (calculated with our proprietary algorithm), e.g. liquidity risk measure; Bespoke consulting service on building cloud-based data model and analytical system (including architectural design and optimization).

About Us

PLY Analytics :

We are a boutique financial technology firm specialized in providing automated investment intelligence and web-based risk analytics. Currently we offer on-line bond rating, benchmarking and relative value analysis. PLY system, by turning massive data into useful information and presenting them in user friendly format,is a cost effective tool for traders, researchers, quantitative modelers and risk managers in their daily decision making process. PLY Analytics provides these insights by extracting and analyzing data from both public and proprietary sources, employing cloud computing technology as well as sophisticated quantitative technique.In addition to standardized products, PLY also provides highly customized consulting services to help clients building and validating risk models, from soup-to-nuts.

Key members

Michael Peng, Ph.D CO-Founder,  Managing Director.

 Michael has more than 18 years of quantitative modeling, data analysis and client service experience on Wall Street. Over the years, Michael helped large financial firms develop various efficient tools and framework for risk management and regulatory compliance purposes. His professional experience include Sr manager at Boston Consulting Group, Director of credit risk analytics at Merrill Lynch/HongKong, Director of structured Product at Fitchrating, Senior manager at KPMG Risk advisory Group. The area he is specialized in include fixed income analytics, credit risk modeling. As an example, He developed a non-simulation based model for economic capital calculation for a financial client. Michael enjoys intellectual development, teaching and training for other professionals. He teaches Credit Risk Modeling and Counter party Risk at New York Institute of Finance. Michael holds a Ph.D (econometrics) from Temple University, A Master of Statistics and Operation Research from University Of Science and Technology (China), A Bachelor degree of System Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Science and Technology University Of National Defense (China).

Ming Lei, Ph.D CO-Founder, CTO

Ming has long time working experience as a software architect for large financial firms, developping various trading control software, payment fraud detection system and intelligent rating system. He also has various working experience in media, health care and software companies, develop HBO GO streaming system and Aetna CareEngine system. He has strong knowledge for big data, data mining, rule engine system and automation workflow. Ming has professional working experience in J.P. Morgan Chase, Barclays, Morgan stanly, Moodys', Aetna, HBO, SAIC and Open Text. Ming holds a Ph.D (Mechanical Engineering), Master and Bachelor degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Alice Yang, CO-Founder

Alice has long time experience in Ecommerce and software development, focus on cloud computing , scalability, searching, functional programming, big data and security. Previously Alice worked in OCLC(Online Computer Library Center), L1-Identix , Open Text and Saks direct. Alice holds a computer science master degree from University of Windsor, a computer-engineering master and bachelor degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Our Clients