Dive into the data as deep, as you wish

Use PLY analytics data “ply” after “ply” to dive as deep, as you wish!

From the free dashboards with all ratios and metrics necessary for quick and effective evaluation of any company to the deepest dive into every financial aspect of every company. Choose the necessary level of reliable information you need to make intelligent investment decisions.

Generate your own investment ideas

We developed a broad range of predefined portfolios and strategies that will help you to screen stocks, generate investment ideas and construct your own optimal investment portfolio.


Companies in each portfolio are selected to match specific investment criteria or themes.  You can use these portfolios as the effective filters to screen the markets for investment opportunities.


If multiple portfolios are selected on the platform, all criteria from selected portfolios are applied to screen the markets. For example, if you choose Value and Dividend income portfolios, only companies that satisfied all criteria from both portfolios will be selected.

Why choose us?

Unmatched depth of our collected financial data, comprehensive dashboards and powerful analytics tools allow our users to analyze and compare companies from every angle – better, easier and faster.

17 years of as-reported financial data

We collect our data directly from companies’ reports. Use the most complete, comprehensive and reliable data.

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KPIs, segments & alternative performance metrics

We provide information, that is unavailable on other platforms. See, what other can’t.

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Trading, ownership and insiders’ activity statistics

See, what the main shareholders, insiders and trading counterparties (brokers) are doing in the market.

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Choose the best companies with our scoring algorithm

Find attractive investment opportunities with our scoring algorithm. Rank. Choose. Invest.

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Discover undervalued stocks with our valuation model

Looking for undervalued companies? Find the best value opportunities with our relative valuation model.

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Predefined investment portfolios and strategies

Are short of your own investment ideas? Choose from our variety of predefined (selected) portfolios and strategies.

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Dashboard with more than 50 financial metrics and ratios

All you need for quick and effective evaluation of any company. Increase your research productivity.

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Interactive charts for all metrics with data export feature

A good chart is worth a thousand words. Use our charts with multiple selection option to create your investment stories.

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Screen and compare companies by any metric

Separate the “wheat” from the “chaff” with our screening and comparison tools. Find your investment gems.

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Source documents for every financial number

Check easily every number we provide. Find all company’s reports in one place.

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Details for specific items of costs, assets and liabilities

Dive deep into the data as much as possible. We provide unmatched depth of financial data.

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Customized analytics, tailored to your specific needs

Need some specific valuation multiples or analytical reports? Contact us and we will customize analytics specially for you

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Choose best companies with our scoring system

PLY scoring is a ranking system that reflects companies' relative investment attractiveness. System is based on five key financial aspects: valuation, growth, profitability, financial strength and free cash flow. Each of these components is also ranked based on most important fundamental metrics. Total Score ranges from 0 to 10, with 10 as a highest rank that reflects most attractive companies from investing perspective.


We found that there exists strong and persistent positive correlation between Total Score and forward average performance of companies’ stocks. Higher levels of Total Score are usually associated with stronger forward average returns of stocks. This correlation holds persistently across various markets and stocks’ forward return periods. Detailed metrics of this relationship are presented in our interactive Forecasting Model.

Discover undervalued stocks

PLY provides Fair Value estimations for company’s stocks and compares it to actual Market capitalization. Respectively, Valuation Gap is calculated as a difference between company’s actual Market Cap and Fair Value.


We found that there exists strong correlation between the level of Valuation Gap and forward average performance of companies’ stocks, though direction of correlation depends on time horizon of forward stock return. On the 6-months horizon negative correlation between Valuation Gap and forward average returns exists. That means that overvalued stocks tend to became more overvalued in the short term and confirm momentum effect in short-term stock returns. However, on the longer time horizons this correlation reverses and became positive. That means that on the longer time horizons overvalued stocks significantly underperform undervalued stocks and confirm mean reversion effect in long-term stock returns.

Take advantage of unmatched data depth

We collect our data directly from companies’ reports, so we are able to capture every piece of systematized and structured information company provide.


You can find here the data that is unavailable on any other platform – segment information, KPIs, alternative performance metrics, details for specific items of costs, assets and liabilities. See, what other can’t.


Our trading and ownership analytics allow monitor trading activity of main shareholders, insiders and trading counterparties. Actions of main shareholders can easily move stock price while insiders’ transactions may indicate true perspectives of the company. Look at what they do, not what they say.

Make intelligent investment decisions

Your investment decisions are too important to be left to chance, advisors or banks’ marketing departments. To make smart investments and secure your financial future you need comprehensive and meaningful data, convenient and powerful analytics tools, reliable investment strategy and, most importantly, discipline to implement all these elements into your decision-making process.

PLY analytics is created exactly for that. Get unparalleled financial insight. See, what other can’t. Increase your capability to analyze, compare and value companies. Invest intelligently.

Discover investment opportunities

We hope, that our thoughts, ideas and reviews will help you to find new investment opportunities, examine thoroughly financials of selected companies, learn how to use the platform and, most importantly, start your own investment journey.

Telia Lietuva | 2023 Q3 | The return of the free cash flow

Excellent operating results. Growing subscribers’ base, growing revenue across all...

October 22, 2023
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Tallinna Kaubamaja Group | 2023 Q3 | New highs for earnings, but probably not the dividends

Another strong quarter for Tallinna Kaubamaja Group. New records for sales revenue,...

October 16, 2023
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Dovre Group (DOV1V) | Three businesses for the price of two

During last four quarters Dovre Group (DOV1V) generated 200M Eur of revenue, earned 9,4M...

October 9, 2023
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Dividend yield: looking behind the scene

Everybody knows about one of the most popular investment strategies – dividend...

October 2, 2023

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